Review: Glow Aesthetics

Having heard of Glow Aesthetics for some time now, I had the confidence to purchase 2 online deals they featured recently: one being a Brazilian wax, the other being a Jade Detox body and eye massage. The body massage was just mediocre to me. Sometimes I even wonder why I bother trying out other spas when I’m so satisfied with my current one at Bukit Timah (except for the price… oh well).

I always get disappointed with new spa tryouts because the massage is always not up to my standard of liking. This time, the masseur didn’t ask me if the pressure was ok and continued with her set of actions. She was also very chatty which I felt pressurized to continue to talk to her, and therefore could not relax and drift off to lalaland. After she finished the 60 minutes body massage, I was not relaxed at all. My sore spots were still sore. In fact, I felt like she was just going through the motions, ala touching me.

Then she continued the treatment with the jade eye massage. I reckon she only spent 2-3 minutes massaging my eye area, then covered my eyes with the supposed eye mask. While “relaxing” with the eye mask, she proceeded to do the other treatment of Brazilian wax. It was strange that she said the wax was not melted enough for the treatment because she didn’t know what time I was coming. Hello, I made an appointment for both my treatments and even confirmed the treatments I was going to do when you called to confirm my appointment the previous day. What do you mean by you don’t know what time I was coming?!

The wax session was possibly the worst I ever experienced. My voucher entitled me to a choice of chocolate or strawberry wax, but no one asked me which one I wanted when I arrived. The therapist didn’t wipe me down prior to waxing and just proceeded to do the wax which was pretty hot on the sensitive skin down there. When I mentioned that it was hot, she didn’t even bother to let the wax cool a bit before proceeding. She merely asked me to bear with it. Then after applying the wax, she didn’t make a “lift tab” like how Face Bistro does, so when it was time to peel the wax strip off, she had difficulties getting a good grip and it hurt so bad when she was yanking out the hair. Some of the strips broke into smaller pieces while she was yanking.

It also seemed like she wasn’t experienced enough because she had to enlist the help of my hands to pull the skin taut, then mumbled to herself which direction she should pull the strip wax. And she sometimes double dip!!! Something I have never experienced at Face Bistro.

The entire wax session took about 1 hour, with up to 3 waxings on certain areas, even though I didn’t have a lot to wax off. In comparison, Face Bistro only does it within 30 minutes (sometimes 20 minutes), with minimal pain and always very clean and hygienic.

All in all, I was quite disappointed with the experience I had at Glow. They have been in the business for very long now, and I thought there must be something good about their services. Apparently not.


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