Not all collagen supplements are the same

It’s no secret that I’ve always had problems with my skin… the biggest problem of all, acne (I still shudder when I see photos from my uni days, pre-BCP). Then after the acne problem went away with help of BCPs, I had to battle issues with my eczema, particularly around my eyes (read my post on eye eczema). I try to solve the issue temporarily by taking Clarityn as and when required, but all that medication ain’t good for me.

I started on collagen supplements somewhere around end April/early May, more specifically collagen jelly, in a desperate bid to heal my skin. And hopefully, stop the eczema rashes.

Skin C Collagen Jelly

Skin C Collagen Jelly

Confirm Trading brought in this range of beauty jellies earlier this year and had an introductory offer – 4 boxes for $60 (usual price $16.90 for 1 box). So I bought to try. Then, after that, I went onto and saw that it was cheaper online! So anyway, I bought an additional 2 months supply and completed the entire course.

But I felt a little baffled. I wasn’t seeing tremendously good results, despite me eating all that collagen regularly. Then I realised that the 15000mg collagen advertised on the front of the box, was the cumulative amount from the 7 sticks (1 week supply). It wasn’t 15,000mg collagen in a stick! *super D’oh moment*

I researched online further and found out other brands like Meiji were doing 5,000mg of collagen per scoop. I have tried Meiji before but I think 5,000mg of collagen was too rich for me back then (around 23 years old?). And now, because I have drier skin, I think  I need hyaluronic acid as well. was having some promotion for FINE collagen powder, and once again, I bought 1 can and 1 refill pack to try (I estimate 2 months of continuous consumption would be a good gauge)

FINE collagen powder

FINE collagen powder

The effects of consuming 5000mg of collagen (powder) daily are that my skin looks less oily now (probably due to the hyaluronic acid component of FINE collagen powder), my scars are lightened (probably due to the pearl coix extract component), few or no pimples even during PMS and I get less sleep lines now.

I still like the collagen jelly, for its convenient packaging. I have quite a number of weekend trips in August and drinking collagen powder will mean that I either have to pack my collagen powder along (super troublesome!!) or skip on those days (which I didn’t want to). So those collagen jellies come in handy for weekend getaways. I just have to consume 2 jellies to get the same amount of collagen.

I will be doing separate reviews for the collagen jellies and collagen powder soon, so stay tuned!


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