Eye eczema

I hardly have photos of myself on this blog because I lack the confidence as I don’t have good skin. My eyes are extremely sensitive and tend to turn swollen, red and itchy when I’m naughty and indulge in dairy products (I self-diagnosed that I’m allergic to casein because I always have these rashes when I consume milk/yogurt/ice-cream). Other parts of my face (such as the corners of my mouth, and sides of my ears) and body will also react to casein, but not as bad as my eyes. Sometimes, if my skin is extremely dry, I get these flareups too.

So anyway, I’ve got a bad flareup recently and no amount of moisturizer seemed to be able to bring down the inflammation, short of steroids. I usually use Mario Badescu’s control cream but it doesn’t seem to be working well for me now. Anyway, I just did a Google search on the product and it seems like MB has discontinued it temporarily for a formula revamp. So no point blogging about it now.

My eyes are so darn itchy, I can’t stop picking at it… and now I’m getting bare spots at the tails of my eyebrows. Can anyone recommend something to me??

Sad eyelids. :(

Sad eyelids. 😦


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