Liquid Sky Lacquer – Fuchsia Illusion (THERMAL)

I decided to go off Gelish for the time being as my nails were getting paper thin and soft. Urgh. And I invested in quite a number of nail strengtheners (Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener & Dr LeWinn’s RevitaNail) as well. I still ā¤ Dr LeWinn.

Anyway, Beatrice introduced me to Meimei’s Signatures, an online shop in Singapore specialising in indie nail polishes. And man, that lady has got some really nice brands/polishes at her shop!

I got this interesting nail polish, Fuchsia Illusion from the brand Liquid Sky Lacquer. The polish is a rich purple holo when your body temperature is low, and turns to a hot pink holo when the temperature is hot. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails and see the colour change.

Application was a breeze, and it dried pretty quickly too.

In transition

In transition


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