Review: Super White Skin Lab

I was invited down for a trial facial by Jean Yip to experience their new product offering at Super White Skin Lab. Ok, I have to admit, the shop’s name is beyond tacky. It’s like bad English! But anyway, it’s a new facial salon concept by Jean Yip and they just opened its 1st outlet in VivoCity in March.

The interior design of the place is black draping  with clean lines and chandeliers. “EXPENSIVE PLACE” is what it is. They do not have rooms, but rather, chairs separated by the same heavy black curtains.

Waiting for facial to start

Waiting for facial to start

SWSL’s concept of facial is way different from the usual facials we’ve experienced. Here, they boast a technology of using nano water to allow the whitening ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. There are 4 different ampoules which are suited for different skintypes which the therapist will add to the water before the nano steam is applied. Also, nano steam will not leave your skin dripping wet as it has fine particles which will not condense on your skin.

The machine that sprays nano-sized goodness onto your skin

The machine that sprays nano-sized goodness onto your skin

Their facial steps are: cleansing> nano water steam> acupoint pressure facial massage> facial mask> moisturizer+sunblock. Altogether, it takes around 45-60 mins. Also, the therapist will mix and match products suitable for your skin. The different ranges use ingredients such as Chinese medicinal herbs, fruit enzymes, and proven chemicals for whitening.

I didn’t really like the facial experience there. I believe most of us go for facials, not only for the skin benefits, but also the relaxation it provides. Over at SWSL, they do facials sitting upright when steaming, or on a reclined chair when cleansing and rinsing off. Also, because they do not have enclosed rooms, I was in wide view of my surroundings and I didn’t like that.

If you require extraction, please do not come here. If you would like your eyebrows trimmed at the same time, please do not come here. If you want a good relaxing facial and shoulder massage, please do not come here.

If you like new technology, do give them a try. This nano steam technology sounds interesting, but the skeptical in me would like to give it more time before I bite the bullet of $138 per session. Especially when I require more ‘work’ to my face.


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