Review: Etude House Real Art Cleansing Mild Soap

I have always gone for products that are quality over packaging. However, this time, I was intrigued by the lovely packaging that Etude House had. I bought this while on holiday in Seoul last April, and it came in a set of cleansing soap and cleansing oil. The cleansing oil was rubbish so I disposed of it after using 1/4 of it. Yea, it was that bad that I didn’t even want to pass it to someone else. However, the cleansing soap was lovely to use.

It was a basic cleansing liquid that cleansed my face well without leaving it dry and tight.It was clear and runny and only needed a pump to lather up sufficiently. That being said, I didn’t feel that it would be strong enough to clean off the day’s dirt, grime and makeup so I only used this in the morning. My skin was always smooth after using this. And since only a pump is needed each time, the 200ml bottle lasted me from ~Nov 2011 to May 2012.

I would love to repurchase it since it’s a simple cleansing liquid that does what it’s supposed to do, but I guess the Korean brands always have something new to offer. And I’ve still got 3 of those Holika Holika egg soaps to try… *oops, totally went crazy in Korea!*


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