Ragged cuticles no more!

I’m quite particular about my cuticles but yet I dare not use the clippers with ease. I’m always afraid of drawing blood. I usually leave it to the professionals but work and laziness take over at times, and I end up having really ugly and dry nails. Today, I’m going to share with you my little secret on how I get rid of dry cuticles!

You might have seen these in the arsenal of nail professionals.

They all look a bit daunting, don’t they? And besides, you’ll need to have some basic skills and a bit of time to remove your cuticles using these.

Here’s my trick:

Yes. I really only use one product, and that’s Ginvera Marvel Gel. You can use other similar products as well – Bio Essence, Follow Me, Cure, and/or other variants of Ginvera Marvel Gel. Basically, they all work about the same.

Step 1: Remove nail polish before anything else. I cannot stress how important it is. I’ve seen people filing their nails and shaping them even before the polish has been removed.
I transfer my polish remover to a bottle like this for easy usage. No more spills and evaporation, and it saves so much more remover! I got the bottle from Sasa for only ~$4! I suppose you can use such bottles for your toners as well if you wish.

Step 2: Shape nails, if they require shaping.

Step 3: Make sure hands are dry and place a blob of the gel directly on your nails. Gently massage the gel into your nails and see dirt and dead skin cells being removed from your nail beds and cuticles.

Step 4: Rinse your hands clean and admire your neat cuticles!

PS: This method can also be used for your toes! Try it and let me know how it goes for you! =)


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