Review: 3M Acne Dressing

Description :

Nexcare™ Acne Patch is a skin-colored, water-based material that acts like a sponge to absorb the oily secretion and pus. It acts as a barrier over the acne to reduce hand contact and infection. It is also waterproof yet breathable thus helps improve healing time while ensuring comfort.
When you see the acne patch turning from skin tone to white tone, this means that the oil secretion has been absorbed.

3M’s patented Tegasorb absorbs maximum oil secretion and pus spot-on and was traditionally a large medical dressing meant for pus absorption in large wounds. Nexcare™ Acne Patch was introduced after it was discovered that nurses in the hospitals innovated the product by cutting the dressing into smaller pieces to address their acne problems.

Price: S$4.95 (18’s) and $7.95 (36’s) respectively from Guardian & Watson’s pharmacies.
Please contact me via email ( if you’re an international reader interested to buy.

Review: This amazing product was recommended to me by my late friend, and I dedicate this review to her. *Hazel, here’s to you*

I’m not so sure what makes this small little acne patch work, but it sure does work. Just clean your face well, make sure it’s dry and stick the acne patch over your pimples. It helps to absorb all the oilies and nasties out, and reduce swelling in the process. A huge pimple could be taken down in just 2-3 pimple patches (roughly a day or 2). Cost wise, it isn’t that effective for acne-plagued people like me, as one will have to use up near to a large pack in 2-3 days. However, for the effectiveness, I’m willing to spend!!

Overall rating: smileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpgsmileystar.jpg

You can now grab a sample of this product at Fr3b!


10 thoughts on “Review: 3M Acne Dressing

  1. I was wondering if I could get a free sample of the pimple patches, because I don’t have any money at the moment and have a horrible pimple above my eye brow. Please write me back!
    Thank you
    Kimi C

  2. i recvd a pack of samples, and since i had a huge pimple (headless) then, so i tried. my pimple grew bigger and more painful overnight. it wld hv otherwise shrunk if i used my dalacin-T as usual (which i did after, and recovered quickly)
    i read somewhere that it only works for pimples with a ‘head’ so when i had one i tried. but the same horrible thing happened again. 😦
    so i nv dared to try again :s
    perhaps this thing doesnt suit me…

  3. Hmm… perhaps your skin is sensitive to those ‘adhesive’ types… i usually poke it to let the pus drain out… if not, if no ‘hole’, usually doesn’t work… waste one patch! 😛

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